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Manual Placement Subscribe Form Not Showing Up



  • Official comment
    Ben Rodriguez
    • Grow Support Team

    Hey Vivian Tran!

    Manual Placement forms must be placed below the first screen view in order to populate. This is because Grow is deferred from the first screen view to minimize potential impacts to site speed. It seems likely your sidebar placement is just a bit too high and has the Manual Placement form above the fold. Moving it lower in your sidebar could help!

    If you'd prefer to have a higher placement for a Subscribe form, you can use a Click to Subcribe form instead. Click to Subscribe forms allow you to apply a CSS class to any clickable element on your site – like a button, text, or image – that launches the Subscribe form when the element is clicked. These can be placed anywhere on your site, including the first screenview.

  • Jenny

    I'm also having this issue and my placement is definitely below the fold. Randomly it'll show up but most of the time it's just blank :(

  • Ben Rodriguez
    • Grow Support Team

    Hi Jenny!

    It sounds like this may be related to site speed. Since Grow's scripts are deferred and will wait for other elements on your site to load first, this can lead to delays in Grow features loading on site. If the Grow widget in the bottom corner of the screen hasn't loaded by the time you scroll past where you've added your Manual Placement form, the form may not load in. 

    The Grow widget's presence indicates Grow has loaded and is actively running!


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