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How to import MailerLite subscribers to Grow & Automailer?



  • Official comment
    Ashley Scott

    Hey Janice! We have a walkthrough guide here that will help you get those subscribers added to your Automailer list. :)

    Let us know if any questions pop up!

  • Crystal Jarvis

    Ashley-Scott Currently I switched all my sign up forms to Grow on my website and they are being sent to convertkit as well. I want to import the rest of my email list from convertkit but I am worried about duplicating people who signed up from grow. I don't have those tagged separately. Will the import take in account people who are already subscribed via grow and therefore not send them two emails a week? Thanks!

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Crystal Jarvis!

    Automailer does detect duplicated email addresses and will only send one newsletter to them! This includes instances where there's a discrepancy, for example: and (this is not a real email address, so please continue to post and comment in the Grow Community 😅)


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