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    Ben Rodriguez
    • Grow Support Team

    Hi Debbye Jean!

    It looks like you haven't set the Link Share form as one of your default forms yet. To get it to appear on your site, the Link Share form needs to be set as the default Spotlight Subscribe form, the additional Spotlight Subscribe form placed with the Multi Form Settings, or as the Most Valuable Content Subscribe form.

    You can choose to feature another Subscribe form in any of these placements under Grow Publisher Portal > Subscribe > Settings. You'll just need to click the dropdown menu for the placement you're adjusting and choose your Link Share form.

    *Note: Choosing another form with the dropdown menu for the Default Spotlight Subscribe form will automatically make that change. For the Multi Form or Most Valuable Content form placements, you'll need to click Save Changes by that placement's setting to update the form!

  • Debbye Jean

    I think I did it, my only question is how do I get the save this recipe link share to have the same picture as the recipe or is this not possible? 

  • Ben Rodriguez
    • Grow Support Team

    You're only able to have one image for a Subscribe form, so your Link Share form will not be able to change its image to reflect the current recipe. I'd recommend either using your most popular recipe's image for the Link Share form or using your site's logo so the form is as versatile as possible.

    I am also going to log this feedback. I don't know that it's possible for the Link Share form to pull in a post's featured image so it reflects the currently viewed recipe, but it's a good idea if that is something we can do!


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