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Redirect Issues




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    Ben Rodriguez

    Hey Margaret and Madison!

    It looks like there is a conflict between the Grow for WordPress plugin and the Redirection plugin. The Grow Engineering Team is looking into this and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    In the meantime, there are a few workarounds that can allow you to continue using Grow without impacting redirects:

    • You can manually code redirects as Margaret's developer did. Your developer should be able to help with this.
    • Other redirect plugins do not seem to be impacted by this, like Rank Math. You could try using a plugin other than Redirection for the redirects.
    • You can manually install Grow's scripts on your site, then deactivate the Grow for WordPress plugin. This will allow you to continue using the Redirection plugin.

    Madison Krigbaum, since you've got Journey ads set up, I'd recommend following John's instructions from this thread in the Journey Community to manually install your Journey scripts and ensure your ads continue to run if you choose the manual installation route.

    • You can find your Grow and Journey scripts in Grow Publisher Portal. Grow's scripts are under Grow Settings > Install Grow Scripts and Journey's are under Journey Settings > Ads Script.
    • The scripts will need to be added to the head section of your site. Depending on your theme, this could be in several places, but we usually recommend installing in a plugin like Head & Footer Code. You can find instructions for that here.
  • Madison Krigbaum

    I'm having the same issue. It's frustrating that there's no one to get in touch with since I now need the Grow plugin in order to run Journey by Mediavine ads on my site. I might just need to deactivate it and stop running them. 

    Were you able to find a solution? 

  • Margaret Clegg

    Dear Madison, 

    My website designer was able to do a manual coding work around. But that's it. 


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