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Grow Keeps Disconnecting in WordPress




  • Official comment
    Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Michelle!

    Does your WP Admin account email address match your Grow Publisher Portal account email address? If not, that's likely what's causing this issue. You can add your WP Admin account email address as a Grow Publisher Portal user; this article can help with that.

    If your accounts already match, it might be browser caching or security settings. Clearing your browser cache may help!

  • Michelle Rorke

    Hi Ben

    I did check this but it is still dropping. WHen I log back in to reconnect it definitely seems to have the correct email address and account information:

    Is there anything else I can check?



  • Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Michelle!

    It looks like Grow's scripts are being deferred on your site, so an optimization plugin or security setting is likely impacting its scripts and ability to function. It looks like LiteSpeed Cache may be the culprit, but there could be something else at play.

    The Conflicts and Compatibilities article can help you get started with excluding Grow's scripts from being optimized, minified, or deferred.

    If you need assistance with this, we'd recommend reaching out to your tech help, the optimization plugin(s) support, or your host.

  • Michelle Rorke

    Thanks Ben. I will look at LiteSpeed again.


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