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    Ben Rodriguez

    Thank you for your feedback, Keith. I have logged it with the Grow Engineering Team!

    It's possible we could see manual unsubscribe controls for the Grow CSV and Automailer List in a future update.

  • Pia

    I second this request. My concern is different…specifically, I just replaced all my Flodesk subscribe widgets on my site with Grow subscribe forms…but now what happens if someone

    1. Subscribes through a grow form and I import them to my mailing list (flodesk)
    2. Then unsubscribes from my mailing list (flodesk) (which obviously doesn't register as unsubscribed via grow) 
    3. Later changes their mind and tries to resubscribe…

    Tried this myself and all the forms show “you are now subscribed!” with no way to actually resubscribe to the mailing list. 

    I feel like there needs to be a way for users to unsubscribe themselves from grow as well as for us to manually unsubscribe them. Or basically some way to handle this kind of situation because from the user's POV they don't realize that they're subscribed on 2 separate lists…you know? 

  • Ben Rodriguez

    We are working on unsubscribe syncing for Email Service Provider integrations!


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