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Grow is connected in Wordpress - but not at Dashboard "Install Grow"




  • Official comment
    Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Engin,

    After looking at your site, it doesn't appear the Grow scripts have been installed. They are not visible in the site's source. This could be because you have not logged in and connected your Grow plugin in WP Admin to Grow Publisher Portal.

    It also appears there are some script optimization plugins at work on your site. These could potentially be preventing Grow from installing its scripts or detecting installed scripts. You'll want to exclude Grow from any script optimization/minification, as well as security or firewall settings that could prevent Grow from accessing your site.

    If you need additional assistance with optimization exclusions, your tech help, the plugin support, or your host should be able to help.

  • Ashley Scott

    Hey Engin! Which site is this for? I'd be happy to take a look at things.

  • Adem Djemil

    I had this on my site too and nothing would sort it. I logged back in today and it's now showing as correctly installed… I know that's not that helpful but thought I'd mention so that Grow know it's happened to others too.

  • Cynthia Ewers-Cobb

    This is also happening to me. Was anyone able to get help on this?


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