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Grow widgets not showing on Wordpress site



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    Ashley Scott

    Hey Steph! I just sent you an email at lo************ to see if we can help get this issue sorted. Looking forward to chatting with you!

  • Kimberley Griffioen

    Hi Ashley, I have the same problem. The widget isn't showing, but in my case Wordpress and my Grow Dashboard do say it's connected to my site. Can you help me? Thanks!

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Kimberley Griffioen ,

    If you're having difficulty seeing Grow on your site after installation but everything indicates it was installed correctly, you're liking experiencing a caching or optimization issue.

    We'd first recommend making sure Grow is excluded from any optimization or caching plugin. The Conflicts & Compatibilities article can help.

    Once you've done that, clearing your caching and any caching plugins should allow Grow to load as intended.

  • Kimberley Griffioen

    Hi Ben, thanks for getting back to me.

    I've contacted Lyrical Host and did send them the article. They did check all optimization and caching settings but unfortunately this didn't resolve the issue. They also tried adding the script manually, but the widget still isn't showing.

    So I now both have the plugin and the script (which might not be necesarry).  I'm also wondering if my traffic is measured correctly (I've installed the plugin right after the release, but the widget hasn't been showing though my dashboard says it's connected).

    Do you have any other solution? 

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Running multiple instances of the Grow scripts can cause issues with Grow's functions, including its ability to measure your traffic. You should remove the manually installed scripts and run only the plugin.

    It is possible security settings are preventing Grow from loading on your site. These can be similar to Cloudflare's bot fight mode or strict firewall settings. 


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