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Grow Spotlight not showing up where it should and showing up where it shouldn't


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  • Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Donna!

    When you're refreshing your pages and posts and not seeing the Spotlight Subscribe form, are you scrolling up to the top of the page before you refresh? If you refresh in the same position, the Subscribe form will be removed from view to help the rest of the post load – this helps keep Grow from impacting your site's speed. If I scroll back to the top of the post and refresh, I see the Spotlight Subcribe form load on your page by the time I scroll to its intended place.

    You aren't able to exclude Subscribe forms or individual Grow features from specific posts or pages. At this time, Subscribe forms can only be removed by disabling all of Grow on the page with the disable Grow code. Adding that code to pages where you do not want Grow's features in your post HTML editor should remove the Spotlight Subscribe forms.

    The Pages to Exclude section in the Recommended Content settings prevents the selected posts and pages from being recommended to readers in the Recommended Content widgets or Automailer emails or from being pulled up in Search results.


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