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Selection For Posts That go In Automailer



  • Mary

    Hey Kelly,

    That's fantastic feedback!

    For some context here; Grow works in tandem with Recombee to pull posts for Automailer. When Automailer is determining which posts to send, it first looks for posts published within the last week from the site’s feed. If it doesn’t find anything, it’ll switch over to pulling recommendations from Recombee.

    Recombee does pick up on seasonal trends pretty quickly when it sends out Automailer — the same way it does for recommended content. So there aren’t any settings you have to adjust because it should be doing it for you automatically.

  • Chica and Jo

    I second Kelly's request 1000%

    As great as it is for posts to be auto-selected (I get it; hands-off is amazing), our most recent email didn't include a single Christmas-themed post (of which we have MANY), and the one before only had one.

    Here's how I can see this working in tandem with your automated system:  Create a quick interface that lets us identify the posts we want IF we want to, and if they are specified, then let them override the automatic choices.  If not, then go with what you have.  

    Not getting to choose seasonal posts (year round, not just Christmas) is a big detractor for us.  

  • Bryson T

    Have to add to this. I run 15+ posts a week and have for years (sports news site), but my weekly automailer digests are rarely recent. One that went out today has posts from last Summer and Fall only. I run WordPress and dates are clearly marked-up in the page content and indexes. I can't continue to use it. What a team did during the preseason has no relevance today. Basic options like blocking anything older than a week – the digest frequency – need to be made available to those of us who always have new content to send out. Thanks.

  • Ben Rodriguez

    Hi Bryson T! Just wanted you to know we have logged your feedback.

    Also, depending on how your URLs are structured, you may be able to filter older content from Automailer and Recommended Content widgets using Custom URL filters. If the year is included in your URL slug, that could be a quick way to exclude older posts without having to manually exclude each of them.

  • Bryson T

    Ben Rodriguez Appreciate it. No, mine aren't set up that way. The current mailer works fine for food blogs, travel blogs, etc., but not for up-to-the-minute content in the least. I need a daily digest even, not just weekly, but at the very least, only posts within the digest timeframe would be useful. Isn't that the standard assumption of a weekly digest anyway?


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